Tax Code Of The Russian Federation

PART ONE NO. 146-FZ OF JULY 31, 1998
(with the Amendments and Additions of March 30, July 9, 1999, January 2, 2000, December 29, 2000, May 30, August 6, 7, 8, November 27, 29, December 28, 29, 30, 31, 2001, May 29, July 24, 25, December 24, 27, 31, 2002, May 6, 22, 28, June 6, 23, 30, July 7, November 11, December 8, 23, 2003)
Passed by the State Duma on July 16, 1998
Approved by the Council of Federation on July 17, 1998
for Education Lawyer and Tax Lawyer

Part I
Section 1
Chapter 1
Legislation on Taxes and Fees and Other Regulatory Legal Acts on Taxesand Fees
Chapter 2
System of Taxes and Fees in the Russian Federation
Section 2
Chapter 3
Taxpayers and Payers of Fees. Tax Agents
Chapter 4
Representation in Relations Regulated by Legislation On Taxes and Fees
Section 3
Chapter 5
Tax Authorities. Tax Police. Liability of Tax Authorities, Customs Authorities, TaxPolice Bodies and Their Officials
Chapter 6
Tax Police Bodies
Section 4
Chapter 7
Objects of Taxation
Chapter 8
Fulfillment of the Obligation to Pay Taxes and Fees
Chapter 9
Changes in Deadlines for Payment of Taxes and Fees
Chapter 10
Demand to Pay Taxes and Fees
Chapter 11
Methods of Enforcement of Obligations Relating to Payment of Taxes and Fees
Chapter 12
Offset and Refund of Overpaid or Over Collected Amounts
Section 5
Chapter 13
Tax Reports
Chapter 14
Tax Control
Section 6
Chapter 15
General Provisions on Liability for Committing Tax Offenses
Chapter 16
Types of Tax Offenses and Liability for Committing Them
Chapter 17
Costs Connected with Exercising Tax Control
Chapter 18
Types of Violations Committed by Banks Stipulated by Legislation on Taxes andFees and Liability for Committing Them
Section 7
Chapter 19
Procedure for Appealing Acts of Tax Authorities and Actions or Inactionon the Part of Tax Officers
Chapter 20
Consideration of Appeals and Rendering Decisions
Part II

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